Founders, Justin Goode and Daniel Rodrigue, created the Instant Film Society in 2012 to increase awareness, understanding and accessibility of analog instant films.

There is something very special about this medium. Besides the undeniable fact that it’s simply a cool way to make art, it connects people.  Maybe it’s the fact that it’s analog, organic, a tangible thing that ejects from the camera into your hand. People crave reality.  It is not algorithmic renderings of 1’s and 0’s rendered by a machine. The image has materialized from a chemical process that is unique to the world of instant film. There is no other medium like it. Helping to preserve it for future generations to use is one of the main reasons we formed the Instant Film Society and started organizing events to bring fellow analog aficionados together. Instant film needs be pushed back into the limelight before any other companies try to put it into the dustbin of history.

We hope we can help slow down, stop and reverse the path that instant photography has been on for quite some time. It came far too close to becoming extinct a few years ago when Polaroid stopped manufacturing and selling their instant film in 2008. Even though The Impossible Project has made an incredible step forward in helping to preserve this medium, they simply cannot do it alone. Companies like Impossible & FujiFilm need the analog grassroots movement that we are going to create and provide.

How are we going to do this?  Through photo walks (aka PolaWalks), events, classes and giveaways we are committed to helping provide an “instant education” to our members, newcomers that join us, people we randomly meet on the street, and basically anybody and everybody who will lend us an ear.

We’re growing a community of passionate photographers and enthusiasts who all enjoy this art form and have a desire to help spread the word about instant film photography.

Would you like to join us?  Look at the upcoming events we’re hosting and get in touch with us.

Join the analog movement.

-The Instant Film Society

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