– September 29th, 2012 @ 2PM –



Come to the fair with us wielding your Polaroid!!! If you’ve got an instant camera and would like to join in on the festivities, get in contact with me!

Polaroid Spectra - Impossible Project PZ-680 Old Generation
Polaroid Spectra – Impossible Project PZ-680 Old Generation

The fun starts at 2PM sharp!  We’re meeting up at Big Tex.  We’ll introduce ourselves to each other and then once we’ve assimilated a massive crowd of instant photography shooters, we’ll storm the fair!  Not since the heyday of Polaroid has the Texas State Fair seen a group like this!  Integral film will be firing out of our cameras faster than … well as fast as our pocket books will let us 😉

GET OFF YOUR RUMPS AND COME SHOOT SOME POLAROIDS!  If you’ve never shot with a Polaroid before (heaven forbid), and would like to, please please PLEASE send a message my way.  I am more than happy to help anybody & everybody that has an interest in using this medium.  If you’re interested in shooting Impossible Project film with your SX-70, Spectra or 600 series camera, I can help you jump in with both feet!  I will teach you all of the ins and outs of shooting Impossible’s films, or any other instant film for that matter, and will gladly assist you in any way I can, on the day of!

If you’ve been following my blog, you’re probably aware of The Impossible Project.  They are the only providers of integral instant film for old-school Polaroid cameras.  Since their inception a few years ago, they have been working hard at perfecting their product for their customers.   Just today, they announced their newest batch of film, the Color Protection line.  Because of a newly developed anti-opacification molecule, it gives instant photographers the freedom to shoot wherever they like, without having to fret about shielding the image upon ejection.

Now is the PERFECT time to step into the world of instant photography.   With Impossible’s new line of films, the results are more predictable than ever and you can almost shoot this stuff as carefree, as one did with the older line of Polaroid films.

YES.  It does cost money to shoot.  It won’t be like shooting with your grandmother’s Canon 5D mark whatever which bangs out a kajillion digital images.   You have to embrace the unexpected realities and possibilities when you use instant film.   The results ARE WORTH IT.   Instead of a digital file made up of 1’s and 0’s on a SD or CF card, you get a tangible analog print in your hand; a permanent memory of the day.  Is that worth the cost?  Absolutely.   You’ve got the best of both the analog & digital world; an analog print to slap up on your fridge and an image that can be easily scanned for reproductions and to share online.

It’s so worth it!

If you have ANY QUESTIONS whatsoever regarding this event, please send a message to info@goodephotography.biz

I’m hoping we can make this event HUGE!  Please pass the word along to fellow photographers that have an interest in film & instant photography.  We are the lifeline of this medium and must help keep it alive for future generations.

Now, back to the film photographer’s grind (scanning images).  I have to pay for all of this instant film somehow 😉



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