Sandy Hibbard, of Lyric Marketing & Design, booked me for a headshot gig a couple weeks ago. She’s in the process of building a website and she needed to have an updated photo taken of her client; a civil engineer.   She mentioned they wanted a head shot and then something creative as well.

If anybody has read any of the other posts, you might have gotten the hint that I’m really into this Impossible Project film right now.   I knew that for the more artistic shot I’d be relying on it for a cool image.  A while back, I had seen a portrait of someone framed through the squigglies of mathematical equations on a piece of glass in front of them.   It’s a great idea that has been done before, but you know, great ideas die slowly.

I called my buddy Robert at Archinal and asked him where I could find a 3ftx3ft piece of plexi-glass.    If it’s photography-related and it has been or is used for photography, he knows where to get it.

Impossible Project Film PX-70 Old Generation
Impossible Project Film PX-70 Old Generation

Bam.  Allied Plastics in Dallas off of Shady Trail.  I cruised down there and they had a piece cut for me within 20 minutes.  $50.   Sweet.  Picked up some dry-erase markers, a few a-clamps, some background stands and I was set.

We shot this morning in downtown Dallas and met up around 9am.    It was perfect!  70’s, overcast and slightly breezy.   Stephen Gude, of Advantage Partners, was the lucky subject today and he did great.  Heather Kitsoulis was the stylist on hand.   Synthia and I have worked with her before and she is awesome!  She pays attention to every single little detail.   We started out with some standard head shots so he could get a little relaxed and then we moved onto the plexiglass shot.    Stephen scribbled some charts and data on it and we clamped it to the background stands.   Snap.

Impossible Project PX-70 Old Generation
Impossible Project PX-70 Old Generation

Impossible Project .. you make my life a little easier.  Just scan and enjoy.  I can’t get over how cool this film is!!!!

Now, I hate to do this because I told myself I would try and not post a lot of digital … but I’ve got to share one! 😉

Executive Portrait - Dallas, TX
Executive Portrait – Dallas, TX

Overall, I think the shoot went really well and I’m looking forward to the next time I can work with Sandy & Heather.   Thanks for reading!


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